Café De Mug is a local pub where Umoja organises (non-)alcohol-related gatherings on a monthly basis. This pub strives to transform every ordinary day into something special. Its employees will proudly introduce you to their rich collection of craft beers! Our members like to visit this old brown café, whilst enjoying a pint of beer, some soda or a tasteful deep red wine.

Bascafé has been an established café in Nijmegen for years. This year Bascafé will be our host for some of our parties. Umoja will visit Bascafé a couple of times this year.

Brewer’s café De Hemel is the perfect place to go for lunch, diner, tasting, celebrating, gather and sleep. Exclusively for Umoja members, De Hemel has created a beer menu for only €11.

Studystore is our study book supplier. Are you a member of Umoja? Then you will be able to order your study books with a 10% discount all thanks to Studystore.

Radboud Fund supports all kinds of activities for students.

FIKA is an atmospheric and modern lunchroom located in the Van Broeckhuysebstraat. The menu is inspired by Scandinavian recipes and drinks, like smörrebröd and Scandinavian wine. They have an extensive range of products and you will get your money’s worth! As a member of Umoja you will get a free cup of coffee or tea with your lunch. So bring some friends and enjoy the Scandinavian food and atmosphere!

Freddy’s beerkitchen, situated on the Koningstraat, is a new ‘70s concept in Nijmegen. Attention to detail and knowledge of their products are the main focus points at Freddy’s. From now on, members of Umoja will be able to lunch and dine at Freddy’s for a special price. So, enjoy those (vegetarian) hamburgers and/or hotdogs!

Are you a big fan of bites? Or are you terrible at decision-making, because you everything on the menu looks good to you? At Fingerz in Nijmegen you will be able to enjoy unique finger food. Delicious little bites, which combined form the perfect lunch or snack. Are you a member of Umoja? Then you will get four types of finger food for the price of 3! You will find Fingerz on Lange Hezelstraat.