Weekend committee

The weekend committee organises the annual Umoja weekend. This weekend is usually organised in November and there is often an overarching game that is played during the whole weekend. During the weekend Umoja members get to know each other better during different games and nice evenings. The previous weekends had themes like a pirate theme, a maffia theme and a Harry Potter theme. The weekend committee organises the entire weekend: the location, the theme, the food, the games and the other content of the weekend.

The weekend committee of 2017-2018 consists of: Tirza Kisters, Mara Wesselink, Rachel van de Kerk, Anne van Bruggen, Nienke van Baal, Marko Houdijk, Wies de Laat and Loran van Baardewijk.

Do you want to come in contact with the committee? Send an e-mail to weekendumoja.ru@gmail.com.