Travel committee

Each year, the travel committee organises a study related trip during the May holidays. On this trip we will go to one or multiple locations abroad to get acquainted  with a foreign culture and history. Educational activities, such as visits to museums, will be combined with informalities such as pub crawls and outdoor activities This contributes to the diversity of the program. The travel committee arranges everything that is involved with organising a trip. This includes: the location, transportation, accommodations and all the activities. During most trips we will visit the local university to get to know fellow students from a different country. Previous trips went to Belgrado & Nis, Sarajevo & Zagreb and Riga & Vilnius. 

The travel committee of 2017-2018 consists of: Arie Schram, Simen Vaessen, Joris van der Meulen, Sophie Kock, Rachel van de Kerk, Ezrah Sahetapy, Marlotte Ketelaar en Wies de Laat. 

Would you like to get in contact with the committee? Send an e-mail to: