Informal activities committee

The informal activities committee organises two informal activities per month. These activities include one small and one bigger activity. The small activity is often food-related and takes place during lunch break.  The committee prepares food and sells it to Umoja members and other people. The waffle sale is, for example, a big success every year. Some of the bigger activities are annually recurring events such as the Christmas diner, Umoja’s Got Talent and the barbecue. There is much freedom within the committee to shape the activities to the liking of its members. 

The informal activities committee of 2017-2018 consists of: Minke Klomp, Marijke Beers, Merel Groels, Annika van den Born, Ezrah Sahetapy, Deedee de Best en Pepijn Burger. 

Would you like to get in contact with the committee? Send an e-mail to: