Study association Umoja has many committees. These committees organize various activities each year, where all members of Umoja are welcome! The committees are occupied by members of our study association, participation is possible from the beginning of the academic year. Are you interested in fulfilling a position within a committee? Then come to the committee market at the beginning of our academic year! Active membership doesn’t cost any extra money, but only adds more fun to your time at Umoja, as well as at Radboud University

Umoja has the following committees:

  • Acquisition committee
  • Congress committee
  • Party committee
  • Formal activity committee
  • Informal activity committee
  • PR committee
  • Travel committee
  • Sports committee
  • City trip committee
  • TAO committee
  • Weekend committee

Do you want to know more about these committees or do you want to come in contact with members of these committees? Then quickly click on the buttons for the different committees.